Thursday, 4 October 2012


Here are some important FAQs about EB that you MUST take note:
 (We will update more FAQs soon :), feel free to ask anything! just E-MAIL us!) 

HOW/ WHERE to get the items that we’ve seen in your Facebook page?
-         - For the time being, our items are only available at STELLAR BOUTIQUE, Located in Seksyen 7 Shah Alam, Selangor. Hence, it would be lovely if you could drop by the boutique and purchase the items that you are interested in
-        -  You can still buy the items online. All you have to do is to drop me an e-mail for further details! Easy as pie! Isn’t it?

WHAT are the available items? I’m confused….
-          -Well, basically, whatever that you see, that was/will be uploaded in our Facebook page and BlogSpot are available for you to purchase! Unless if you see a ‘SOLD OUT’ term as the caption of the image…you probably know the message :p
-          -AGAIN! I would like to kindddllyy remind you, to DROP ME an E-MAIL ( to inquire about whether or not some items are available… (y’know student life can be a bit hectic at some point that my crew and I are not able to update stuff at full-speed…hence, why you should e-mail us!)

What if I’m interested in an item that I see in your Facebook page but is not available in Stellar Boutique?
-       -   E-mail us :
-          Who knows, you MIGHT get a discount because you’re buying DIRECT LY from us! Yay! :P

Do you ship internationally?
-          -At the moment, NO, we don’t L

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