Saturday, 25 October 2014

EB Refined Project

Bold. Brilliant. Beautiful.

3 elements for that REFINED EB lady.

It has been a while since we last updated with a new project. Honestly, our team has been very busy with… life. 
Yes. Life. We all managed to go through our final year at our universities, managed to get a job and are enjoying ourselves for being employed.

Talking from my very own perspective, I have to say, moving from one stage to another stage of life is a bit difficult for me (and I believe for a lot of other girls out there too). This is explainable in terms of having to adapt to a whole new different surrounding, atmosphere and social sphere. Imagine; I was so used to a student’s life in which the only thing I was told was to focus on my studies and exams, and suddenly, here I am, already employed; burdened with responsibilities that I am paid for. At this time of my life, I have to start from zero. Being the youngest colleague among the rest of the group, there are just so many things for me to learn, absorb and digest. When I learn it, I was told to learn fast. I was told to keep up. I was told to observe and react.

It is like going to school again. It is like paying your teachers and lecturers a visit to ask questions and demand for answers. It is like doing a project work with a group of friends and hoping to get a good grade out of it. It is a learning process all over again and it never stops. It will never stop.

EB Refined is a new project from Eimteeyax Boutique (EB). It is a concept that symbolizes the change a young lady had to experience. The project covers from head to toe. Debuting with shawl, we would like to present EB Refined Zipper Shawl as the first product from this project. At the moment, EB Refined Zipper Shawl is only available in Black and with a very limited quantity. We are preserving the exclusivity of this line as exclusiveness is a vital component for being ‘that’ refined young lady.

EB Refined Zipper Shawl

EB Refined project is inspired by the lady we all want to be without realizing the fact that we ARE that lady. Every day in our lives, we learn to become a better person. With this, we are moving from one stage to another, step by step. It takes a lot of guts to put one leg after another. You don’t move forward if you don’t learn from your past mistakes. But while moving forward, you will have to walk with grace and elegance, poise and sophistication but never ditch that slight edginess you know you have it within you. 

EB Rrefined Project: Be 'that' lady...

With EB Refined project, we are hoping to inspire young girls and ladies out there to explore your capabilities even further; to keep on questioning, learning and searching for answers as the process never stops; and to always be thankful for being that lady you are. Be bold in your journey to achieve the best you could; be brilliant in inquiring knowledge; be beautiful … every millisecond of your life.

 EB Team xx