Friday, 26 October 2012

EB's November Updates!

Hello Lovely Ladies!
Been a while since the last update huh? :)
How are you girls doing out there? Having a blast with your lives? InsyaAllah i hope so :)

Okay! I know we've been pretty quiet lately...kan? and some of you girls yang baru je LIKE our FB page, I would like to express how thankful I am towards you all yang banyak bagi support! :) As you girls may have already known, EimteeyaxBoutique (EB) is still NEW dalam industry ni and we have LOTS of things planned for our future activities! so! keep on supporting us kay! :)

Beacuse of THAT! this blog post is meant to share with you Girls about what's in store for you dalam bulan November ni! yay! :)

1) EB sekarang tak banyak buat online-selling activity. Sorry for this, tapi you can get most of our stuff at STELLAR  BOUTIQUE, SEKSYEN 7 SHAH ALAM. :) So! Do drop by kat boutique Stellar and pergilah tengok2 our stuff, there! :)

2) InsyaAllah 2 November ni, EB will make its very own international appearance kat Ediburgh, UK! :) We'll be joining a small fashion show for a ladies night charity event! weeehoooo!!! i'll post more pics of it later yeah, insyaAllah. But in the meantime, here's a few teaser pictures for you Girls to see! yay!

3) 3 NOV DI MALAYSIAAA!!! ^^ kami, EB akan berada di FIRST MALAYSIAN HIJABERS GATHERING di Hotel Grand Pacific KL. !!! oh yeaahhh!!! we'll be opening a booth there! :) unfortunately...event ni hanya untuk mereka2 yang bertiket sahaja :( ... so ini mcm closed-event lah... but we'll post up more updates and pictures regarding this event later okay! no worries bebeyh! we'll keep u posted! ^^ heh...

4) 4 NOV, di EDINBURGH, EB will open up a booth at a Dinner event, Eid Banquet... :) so pray for us, insyaAllah kita akan prmote EB habis habisan di Eid Banquet ni! we're trying to penetrate into the international market! :) doa ye thanks girls! :')
and yes, insyaAllah I'll update more photos of this event jugak, later! :)

anddd... we might involve in anotherrr event in Malaysia this November :) but everything is still dalam perancangan :) we'll see how things go nanti baru saya akan update more :) insyaAllah...

Any confusions? questions?
Drop us an e-mail :

Thank you, All! :) 

xxx Im xxx

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