Saturday, 1 March 2014

London Fashion Weekend 2014

Shit. Devil wears Prada just got real.
Fashion Weekend.
Is the weekend of eyes glaring with blazing accuracy right on the victim, the weekend of 3 seconds glancing and murmuring to your neighbour, twit and taunt over (possibly) some fashion flaw made by a random passer-by, reckless fashion victims strolling along the street showing off the excessive flamboyancy ‘hanging’ on their bodies; mistaken the attentions they got from the public as an act of respectful recognition…
It was a weekend for extravagant individuals, a weekend of colours and joys and elaborations.
A weekend of satisfaction and sophistication.
This year, EB’s director and co-director got the chance to visit the most awaited event for fashion enthusiasts in London. Yes, we got the chance to take part in the London Fashion Weekend 2014; an event sponsored by Vodafone.
Our decisions were always very spontaneous. I was like, “Kak, fashion weekend, London, next next week…” and BAM she got the tickets for both of us. We’re like the duo; the best partner in crime for one and another. (LOL)
It was our very first experience going to any kind of international fashion event. So we got a bit (maybe a lot) excited.
I was targeting to get as much information from the exhibitors regarding their brands and what they can offer if we would like to collaborate on a business venture. With that, I was preparing myself to look a bit professional. I chose to wear a Marks & Spencer’s turtleneck printed shirt, covered by a black H&M Blazer, paired my tops with a Mustard Diesel pants. Believe it or not my Maroon wedge ankle boots are only from Primark, and of course every girl needs a good hand bag for every important event, so I dug in my closet and found a Versace-jeans handbag to match with my outfit for that day. Done.

And EB’s co-director (a.k.a the strategic advisor) was wearing a long-sleeve black dress by French Connection with a H&M ‘furry’ jacket on top, black Zara pants and a pair of Dune London boots!

With her outstanding over the top glamorous attire, she caught the eyes of a few reporters/ fashion bloggers and Medias desiring to dig information about where she got her clothes from. The next thing she realized was those information-hungry people were bombarding her with questions after questions after questions, but it was so FAB to even think about her fashion sense was recognized by the local and professional‘s eyes. And yes, this specific girl is our one and only EB’s strategic advisor. Miss Sofhatun Nur Subhi. *StandingOvation.

Our EB's strategic Advisor, Miss Sof is being interviewed by fashion bloggers about her outfit of the day.

 The highlight of the day would be the designer catwalk show. We attended a show for Julien Macdonald’s SS14 Collection. I have to admit I was in awe for the whole 30-minutes. The details on the dresses, the way the models did their catwalk, as if they were flowing flawlessly across the runway, their expressions and the lightings, the music playing in the background, everything just made the collection seemed so ALIVE! We adore Julien Macdonald’s collection! Adored the whole show!

These are the models who strut the Runway for Julien Macdonald's SS14 Collection. Except for the one with the scarf, and so obviously short. Lol.

We met with so many interesting people, and being exposed to what a fashion industry is really like. It is a very competitive industry. Have you ever thought about how the smartphones industry works? Well fashion industry is not very different. You have to be quick, creative and innovative at the same time. Dare to take major risks and a very very GREAT leap forward. You have to be bold and brave. Copy cats don’t survive. They can breathe for a short while, and gain experience being in the industry but that’s all there is for them; breathe, but never survive, never sustain. You need to think out of the box.

It gave me a hard nudge on the brain upon looking at this whole creative industry from a different perspective. By attending this event, only did I realize they do it because they believe in it. These creative people believe in the market. They believe the market exists. Sure it is what they love to do, it is fun; the recognition and attention you get from the Medias and public are exhilarating. But that only comes later.  Hard work (and I mean a LOT of hard work) and sleepless nights, tough days arguing with your team mates, the pain and agony of extracting the juicy ideas out of your melting brain… those things that made you want to stop and forget about such insanity, forget about your dreams, forget about the mysterious gift awaits you at the finishing line,… that… is what will have to come first.
It is a tough job.
And the only one thing you have to sow deep within your mind and heart at the very beginning of your journey is none other than to believe.

Overall, London Fashion Weekend 2014 taught us with a LOT of essential information.
Of course we were thinking of flying over for Milan fashion week the very next day but hey ho! Look who’s waiting at the terminal gates!--Our lecturers. (An intentionally lame metaphorical-joke ha-ha)
So no can do!
Well, until next time fellow lovely EB followers!
We’ll keep you posted.
Salam and have a nice day!

EB Director,


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