Sunday, 12 August 2012

New Motto!

Well hello Girls...

On behalf of Eimteeyax Boutique, I am delighted to announce our new Motto!
 here's how it looks like :)

It is practically very simple, but i hope it manages to deliver the bold message beyond its definition.

I chose these two words because of

1) Ultimate randomness
    Yeah well when you're in the need of an idea, you'll brainstorm through lots and lots of potential results... and out of limitless numbers of ideas...these are the twos that have made it :) yay!

2) Definition of Completely  (according to EB's dictionary :p )
It may started off as only a random idea...but the whole rationality came afterward. Yes, people, these two words do have a solid definition, a message that is about to be delivered. Let's started off with the definition of 'Completely' in this motto.

Completely, according to my definition, brings the message of being totally perfect from top to bottom. We, at Eimteeyax Boutique, aim to transform YOU, Girls out there from just another girl-next-door to 'THE'-Girl-Next-Door. :)
Basically, the concept of this boutique is based on my personal taste in fashion. I love to experiment with different styles of fashion, but most importantly...COLOURS!
With the core believe in confidence and a bit of a daring personality, I am more than happy to help you, Girls out there to experiment with the fashion world around them, around us!

However, what made me to actually chose the word COMPLETELY is because of my MAIN agenda, to promote the concept of being Completely Stylish and Fashionable together with being COMPLETELY PERFECT in adhering to the rules of Islamic Divine Law, according to the Syara'.

So Girls! as long as you cover what is needed to be covered PROPERLY...i repeat, P R O P E R L Y ! ! ! , then... congratulations, you're still in the running to become the World Next Leading Fashionable Muslimah :)
InsyaAllah :)

3) Definition of Stylish (according to EB's dictionary :p )
Stylish varies from one type of fashion to another type of fashion.
The problem with being stylish is that... it is not changes every day, every hour, every minute!
It changes according to your mood! your sudden alteration of emotional imbalance! your instant shift of decisions! etc etc! These are the things that should be taken into consideration when you're about to decide what to wear what to mix and match what to other words, what to do to BE stylish!

Because of the existence of these various reasons, Eimteeyax Boutique is here, to carter all the other girls out there whom are having the same level of dilemma as I am (sigh) - of what to wear just to look right and feel right for the day.
This is why we have numerous range of products and lines that we have introduced (and YET to be introduced) such as:

-Eim's Shawls

-Accessory-line under Eim-Brace-It

- and more to come!

InsyaAllah, EB will have its own line of clothing label which is exclusively-designed by Me,and exclusive tailor-made shawls.
Just a slight intro: These tailor-made shawls are made from exclusively hand-picked fabrics with bigger measurement than everrr :) This will allow you, creative girls to try different styles, wrapping here and there, but STILL!!! the measurement allows us to cover what is needed to be covered! yay! i love these kinda shawls! WAIT FOR THE LAUNCH of these shawls yeah, Girls! :)

Last Words:
With the launching of this new Motto, I hope that EB will grow and continue to spread its stylish-daring yet proper way of fashion ideas to many girls across the globe.
Together, let's try to achieve the best that we can in being a perfect Muslim :), insyaAllah.

ps: Whatever it is girl, don't forget to SMILE and JUST BE YOURSELF! And Always praise Allah for creating YOU as... YOURSELF! :)

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